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Egypt Trip: Update | June 2023

Friday’s highlight is a blind boy named Ramon (probably about 12 years old). Our delayed flight from Heathrow to Cairo had us finally at the hotel about 4:00 am which made for a really long day. We landed at the tail end of a major sand storm.

So on Friday morning (11:30am) after a quick brunch, we headed out to Trash City where they carved a church out of the mountain. Wandering around the grounds, we sat in pews near the front and saw a large Egyptian family who had brought their two blind sons for prayer.

They humbly came up to us and asked if we would pray for Ramon. It was a blessing to pray with them as they sought Jesus for healing for their sons, and I felt like it was an opportunity for all of us to pray for Him to open eyes here.

We had some meetings with some wonderful brothers and listened to what the Lord is doing in their lives. We can try and break that down more later, but the sum total of Friday, even with a late start, is that we were encouraged and could see the Holy Spirit moving through folks, especially in light of the life and death struggle for some.


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