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Giving Tuesday

Dear Beloved Friends,

With hearts brimming with gratitude, we praise the Lord for your incredible generosity this year! Through your benevolence, countless lives and the Kingdom of God have been profoundly touched in a magnificent manner, particularly in a region where the Gospel's light is needed most.

This Tuesday, we embark on a wondrous journey of generosity, aiming to raise $25,000. Our mission resonates in Israel and Gaza, where displaced souls await relief. Two teams, like beacons of hope, set forth on separate paths: the first departing on December 3-19 to Israel and Egypt, and the second venturing to Eastern Egypt on January 7-17.

Reflecting on our achievements this year, our efforts rippled through Turkey and Syria. In the aftermath of an earthquake, our partners, Elmas and Hamdullah, resiliently served their community. ACC's unwavering dedication led many to the Lord in these trying times.

Lebanon, a radiant beacon for the Lord, witnessed True Vine Church's steadfast commitment. ReBridge echoed this spirit, aiding the needy and supporting medical missions, igniting a revival across the Middle East.

Mieh-Mieh with George Wakim witnessed baptisms of Muslims, and ReBridge proudly launched an outreach center near Sidon. In Egypt, we stood beside Sudanese refugees, providing essential aid. Jordan became a haven for Iraqi refugees, where we supported a Christian school and offered vital assistance.

Our commitment extends beyond borders, assisting church leaders and pastors with microloans throughout the Middle East and North Africa. As we embark on this day of wonderful generosity, let the cheerful giving in your hearts illuminate the path for those in need. May your contributions echo the Lord's love, and blessings shower upon you abundantly. In heartfelt thanks and anticipation, Kalim Andraos


Your generosity matters, and for it we are grateful! Please prayerfully consider a financial contribution to this effort.

Remember, 100% of what you give goes directly toward helping these people in need because of our low overhead and direct relationship with those providing help on the front lines.


Please send checks to: Rebridge 5016 Knobview Trail Winston-Salem NC 27104


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