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Middle East

Middle East

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Our travel to the Middle East began in 2010 with an invitation to visit the land. The first trip has evolved into an ongoing work guided by the Holy Spirit. The travelogue has grown to 20+ trips including over 50+ different individuals, covering 8 countries (and expanding) and now reflects a strategic relational network of Believers. This network of Believers live and serve in a challenging environment helping both resident Believers as well as refugees displaced by one of the largest humanitarian dislocations since World War II. Most importantly, thousands of non-Believers are gaining citizenship in the

Kingdom of Jesus in unprecedented numbers. In short, an amazing “harvest of souls” is unfolding in the region. Yet the number of nominal Christians in the Middle East is dwindling.

The ongoing work focuses on three objectives:

1) Encouraging the Believers and workers in the Middle East

2) Discipleship for the members traveling to the region

3) Strategic investment and Benevolence Support to meet extraordinary needs and identified ministry investments.

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