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Our Story

Over a decade ago a few friends journeyed to Antioch, home of the first Church, to see if there was still a remnant of believers there.  The land felt dark on the smokey streets of Antioch, the smell of diesel stoves which burned in every home lingered in the air.  But there were a few tiny lights gleaming in the distance, the remnant for which we sought...  


From one "God moment" to another we have been going ever since, not just Antioch but all over the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, seeking God's people.  Our mission; to encourage the Saints, the front-line workers who glorify God, sharing His gospel every day, harvesting the fruit of the Kingdom.  We find them exhausted, weary from the work, but strengthened in the Joy of The Lord.  With His vision before them they labor, so with His call in our ears we go.  "How can we help?"  We love on them, encourage them to continue the effort, we break bread and walk beside them.  We are there to hold their arms up like Aaron and Hur did for Moses, that The Lord's people might prevail.


Those friends that embarked on that original journey all those years ago still set out like modern day apostles, though there are many more that have joined the effort along way.  Finding ourselves less like friends and more like brothers we realized that the ministry is not just done on the front lines, or around the table of the saints, but in the fellowship experienced as we go.  It is God's Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, it is the Church as it was intended and our hearts are forever changed for the experience.

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