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Kalim & Paula in Lebanon - Sept. 2023

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus,

Once again we found ourselves in Lebanon, it is the fourth time this year that I have visited this country. Many of you may think it is because I am a Lebanese that I go there often, but that is not the case. This is why: Some of the biggest spiritual battles are happening in Lebanon, and prophecies are materializing even now. Please remember that all eyes are focused on Jerusalem, and Biblical prophecy teaches us that the Lord Jesus Christ will come back and reign in that city for 1,000 years following certain events. The Lord is near, hallelujah.

Despite all kinds of pressure (i.e. wars, political struggles, economical crashes, currency destroyed) that are forcing our brothers and sisters to abandon their posts in that region, many are standing firm against a formidable enemy. Even though they are taking lots of hits (saints have been killed and injured, many have left) the Lord is bringing more and more new saints, old saints, nationals, and missionaries to the frontlines to help Fight the Good Fight. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Right before we (Paula, myself, Mark Mansour, and his wife Sharon) arrived in Lebanon, there was fighting in the Ain-Alhlwih camps south of Lebanon, among various factions of the Palestinian refugees. That changed our itinerary a bit.

First, we went to Bekaa Valley to be with our friends at True Vine Church in Zahle. We found a church in revival, praise the Lord. You might ask what is proof of a revived church? Here is my answer:

● Many are getting saved and baptized in TVC.

● Many worship/prayer meetings are happening more than one day a week, each going for hours and hours.

● When they worship it feels like heaven on earth.

● Many sick people are being healed.

True Vine church is not only impacting its members, it’s impacting the neighborhood, the city of Zahlé, and the whole region of the Bekaa Valley, through 41 different ministries. For example, they have a school for refugees, a soup kitchen for hungry people, food parcels to feed 12,000 people, a laundromat for refugees, clothing store, music school, etc…many ministries to reach the unsaved and they are doing it. True Vine Church is a City on the Hill. Rebridge has been a partner with TVC for 13 years.

When the fighting subsided in the south, we took advantage of the ceasefire and went to check on our partner at Mieh-Mieh Baptist Church, near where the fighting was taking place. We spent some time with Pastor George Wakim, and checked on their multiple ministries. They are amazing saints. Despite the fighting and all the pressure from their ungodly neighbors, they pour out love and serve all those who don’t deserve it. And guess what? People are getting saved in large numbers from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds. Small churches are forming in homes in the villages around the South. We have been a partner with MMBC for 20 years.

The last few days of our trip, we attended a conference organized by our friends at LSESD/ Thimar. In attendance were 200+ people–kings and priests from 40 countries, who came to celebrate their amazing work. I was personally super blessed to see many of our friends/ partners from the US, Syria, Jordan, Arminia, etc. There was a lot of worship and prayer, and it was a great time to catch up with friends and partners from around the world. Thank you Brother Nabil Costa for bringing us all together in Lebanon. We have been a partner with LSESD/ Thimar for 13 years.

I could go on and on about this trip and our years of partnership with these faithful followers of Jesus, but I know you will stop reading. So I will stop here and invite you to “Come and See” on the next trip. Stay tuned and let us know if you are interested in joining us next time.

Thank you for your financial support and for prayers so we can continue to help our partners.

God bless you,

Kalim Andraos


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