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Mission Report: Egypt - January 2024

What an extraordinary journey we had in Egypt! A land of contrasts, where ancient history meets a dynamic present. Our mission was to learn, encourage, support, and report, and we have some remarkable stories to share.


In a country of 110 million people, with a significant Christian minority, we witnessed a historic shift after the December 2023 elections. President El-Sisi's victory paved the way for the construction and repair of over 200 churches, symbolizing newfound freedom for the Christian community.


Navigating through bustling Cairo, we marveled at the ambitious construction projects, from highways to bridges, a testament to Egypt's growth. Despite economic challenges and currency devaluation, there's a palpable sense of prosperity among the middle and upper class.


Our journey took us to Trash City, where communities recycle refuse. The chapels built by Christian villagers tell a story of pride and resilience and frequently draw tourists to this marginalized area.


Venturing to Aswan, we met with Kero Samir, leader of the Bridges ministry in Upper Egypt. We contributed to their noble efforts, supporting Sudanese refugees and recognizing the tremendous needs of those serving with so little.


In the heart of the Nile, we cruised with the Bridges team, celebrating their impactful work through singing and teaching sessions. The encounter with Dr. Emil and his Presbyterian Church showcased the unwavering support provided to Sudanese refugees.


Returning to Cairo, we glimpsed the future of WellSpring's Sports Club, a $60M project promoting faith through 40 sports programs. A beacon of hope, it exemplifies God's favor on His people.


Visiting the Pyramids, a historical marvel, we dined with Pastor Hannan and his family, hearing their miraculous escape from the bombing of Gaza City. The strength of their faith was truly awe-inspiring.

Our journey extended to Elkhaireya, where Dr. Freddy Elbailady's Salam Medical Center exemplifies unity between Christians and Muslims, serving 35,000 patients annually. Their need for Christian staff and funding for expansion reflects their commitment to a higher purpose.


A road trip to Alexandria revealed a beautiful city and showcased the extensive infrastructure development along the way.


Our final meeting with Jossour-Bridges of Hope emphasized the need for marketing materials to better share their impactful mission.


This journey was both inspiring and challenging.  Although these notes are not exhaustive, they mark the beginning of a collective effort to document and share our experiences. Your continued support and prayers are invaluable.



Your generosity matters, and for it we are grateful! Please prayerfully consider a financial contribution to this effort.

Remember, 100% of what you give goes directly toward helping these people in need because of our low overhead and direct relationship with those providing help on the front lines.



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