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Sudanese Refugees In Egypt | May 2023

“Let My people go!” was spoken by Moses to the ruler of the Nile millennia ago, and still echoes globally today.

From Genesis 12:1 where YHVH [Yahweh] said to Abram “Get out of your country and from your family…” to Revelation 18:4 where the same word (LXX) is used “Get out of her (Babylon) my people…” we are witnessing millions upon millions of refugees fleeing ancestral homes and certain death.

Up the Nile in Sudan today, Christians are being slaughtered for simply being Christians and many are fleeing northward up to Egypt (like Jesus’s parents did from Herod).

Our ministry partners are already working in Egypt to help those “getting out”. We are going in a week with a small team from the US and Lebanon (with financial help, etc.) to both prayerfully stand with our persecuted family in the Lord, and to bear witness of what He is doing in a very rough corner of the world.

More than 650 have been murdered and 5,500 wounded; nearly a million people are internally displaced, and around 200,000 have sought refuge in neighboring countries.

We will work with our Egyptian partners above the border helping our Christian brothers, and their children, who have no food, water or place to lay their heads. We will be assessing the situation and provide daily reports.

We are looking to raise $250,000 and we already have $25,000 of that goal. Would you prayerfully support this effort and share the need with others?


Your generosity matters, and for it we are grateful!

Please prayerfully consider a financial contribution to this effort.

Remember, 100% of what you give goes directly toward helping these people in need because of our low overhead and direct relationship with those providing help on the front lines.


Please send checks to:


5016 Knobview Trail

Winston-Salem NC 27104


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