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Turkey & Lebanon: Update | April 2023

Dear Partners in Christ,

We left Winston-Salem very early on the morning of April 16th for Beirut via Istanbul and arrived in Sidon in the afternoon of April 17th. Ramadan was in full swing and one can feel the spiritual effects everywhere in Lebanon.

Our first week has been full as we’ve been meeting with brothers and listening to what is going on in the country. Pastor George and his team in Mieh u Mieh have been busy with scripture outreach, yet it’s also critical to share with you that he has been visiting and working with believers in Sudan. Brothers, who Pastor George knows personally, have been murdered in this recent outbreak of violence, and it can potentially catalyze even more in the Middle East region, where Islamic infighting spills over into Christian enclaves shedding even more innocent blood.

We visited with a newer outreach that is in Sidon which was very encouraging to see, and also met with some “old-timers” that work in Tyre & Sidon. We were able to spend time with and comfort Pastor Mohammed’s family in Tyre. An encouraging sign is the continued ministry. We saw a room full of veiled women with their children praising Jesus as Lord, and that comes in spite of the ministry losing its prime evangelist.

There have been several special encounters that the Lord has led us into, like breaking bread with Jordanian Pastor Haytham and his family in the mountains above Beirut. Currently we are fellowshipping with our awesome brother Jihad in the Bekaa Valley, overwhelmed by all the activity going on. We even had breakfast with a German medical team that is back again to serve the folks here.

It’s an interesting contrast from yesterday to wake up in the south with about two hours of Islamic chanting, to going to bed in the Bekaa Valley after several hours of worshipping Yeshua…

Welcome to Lebanon, where we bear witness to the evidence that God is busy working in His people.

There is still tremendous need in Lebanon, please consider making a donation to help them continue the Kingdom work.


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