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Turkey Update 7 | April 2023

Dear Partners in Christ,

The work to serve and rebuild in Turkey is still in full swing. We have many wonderful updates for you, as well as specific prayer requests and resource needs.

Churches across Turkey are offering various trainings to local believers who have moved to their neighborhoods and schools. Schools in Adana just reopened mid-March. The housing situation within Adana is also getting more desperate. Building assessments are ongoing, but currently there are close to 3,000 heavy and moderately damaged buildings that will need to be demolished, and over 13,000 slightly damaged buildings that need to be reinforced. This is just the current estimate for Adana. The estimates for Antakya will be much higher. That being said, there are also many outstanding requests for tents. At the current rate, it will take a while to fulfill these requests. The volunteers have thought about replacing those tents with containers or tiny wooden houses, which will be better suited for the coming winter. Pray for wisdom.

Workers and Turkish believers from Istanbul and other cities are taking their turns visiting Antakya to help in the ministry center for a week or two at a time. Others come in for a day and leave agai

n. God is providing much help for Hamdullah and Elmas. Praise God for the volunteers. The containers can house 32 men and 12 women and are often full. They now have working toilet facilities and showers. They are setting up tents in various places as requested by the homeless earthquake victims, as well as handing out food packages, blankets, hygiene supplies, etc., as requested. Up to 150-200 food packages and hygiene supplies are distributed from the ministry center (on borrowed land outside central Antakya) each week.

Hamdullah and Elmas hope to visit the US soon so they can connect with some of their partners here and hopefully be refreshed to continue the intense work in Turkey.

One of our other ministry partners sent the following update:

It has already been two months since 6th of February today. In 2 days, we will silently celebrate His resurrection. What an Honour to be His step stones to reach out to the Turkish nation. Many families lost their loved ones and it is almost impossible to identify their bodies. You are lucky if you find partial body parts. 3 days ago, during apartment demolition, the government officials were able to find 8 dead bodies on one floor. It was a miracle from God and brought some peace to those families who will have a chance to do a proper burial ceremony.

Day and night our teams continue to serve and deliver His hope with compassion and love! Continue to stand in prayers and work to expand His Kingdom here.

Key projects with budget numbers are below:

- 1 qty. Ford AWD Truck: 55.000 USD

- Shelter Projects: 200.000 USD

- Mobile Kitchen Projects: 150.000 USD

- Purchase of Storage Area with Office Space: 350.000 USD

Please keep our partners in prayer:

Pray for wise and ethical administration at all levels of government. Huge huge amounts of money and resources have been sent to Turkey's government to help.

Pray against depression and despair.

Pray for the volunteers: safety and health as they stretch themselves beyond their normal schedules.

Pray for those who have been told that their apartment building IS safe to exercise discernment as they decide if and when to return home.

Pray for the volunteers rotating in and out of the Isik Church’s soup kitchen in Antakya. You can see more here about them -

We are leaving for Turkey and Lebanon this Sunday 4/16, please pray for our small team as we encourage and help these amazing brothers and sisters.

-Kalim Andraos

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