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Turkish Devastation | February 2023

We are writing about sad news from Turkey. At 4:17 AM this morning a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in southeast Türkey. At least ten cities have suffered serious damage, devastated buildings, and casualties with the death toll rising by the minute–thousands so far are dead or injured.

Unfortunately, for our brothers and sisters in and around Antioch and Adana where the earthquake hit hardest, some have suffered minor injuries, but sadly most of their homes are destroyed or heavily damaged! Pastor Hamdullah, his wonderful wife Elmas Akin as well as Ric and Tulin Wagner, who live together in the same building, are in the old city of Antioch, and their home was completely destroyed. Many of their neighbors are dead and buried under the rubble of their homes!

We at ReBridge would love to help in a meaningful way. We have a lot of ministry partners in the southeast Turkey region, and they need both our prayers as well as financial help. Would you please consider giving to these amazing Brothers and Sisters who have already been serving the Lord under hard circumstances, and now this earthquake? We will head there as soon we can, and I will keep updating you as we hear more about this disaster. I don’t understand the Lord sometimes, but I trust Him. God will be Glorified in this. Blessings, Kalim Andraos ReBridge | Director

Photos are of the Akin's devastated home and surrounding area.


Remember, 100% of what you give goes directly toward helping these people in need because of our low overhead and direct relationship with those providing help on the front lines.


Please send checks to:


5016 Knobview Trail

Winston-Salem NC 27104


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